In the wake of COVID 19, remote working has become the new normal, and organizations have been challenged in terms of business sustainability and continuity. People need to equip with essential resources that can aid your business growth moving forward.

TIM, in Partnership with ITG & ManageEngine, held a virtual event last June 9, 2020. With Sunver Bastes, President of TIM, as the event’s opening, he has mentioned that on the advent of COVID-19, it is something that IT practitioners should prepare. Our companies need to enable the employees to allow them to operate remotely, productively, and securely.

As the center of the event, Ms. Sadhana Kumari, Technical Consultant of ManageEngine, discussed ManageEngine’s offerings. The world’s situation today requires us to be able to work remotely but productively and efficiently. Ms. Sadhana talked through the ManageEngine Suite and its advantages when it comes to doing everything remotely from work enablement, task automation, work monitoring, task automation, and IT service monitoring.

Among the topics discussed was Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). You will be able to have your laptops, desktops, mobile devices to be managed respectively to any flavor of the operating system in a central location, and then you can have an outright tracking and management. She has also imparted to the attendees the IT Service Management, Remote Monitoring and Management of IT Services, and Privileged Access Management.

Mr. Michael De Guzman, TIM’s Banking and Financial Sales Director, closed the event with a story about a small business that was able to adapt and evolve through the digital age. He also mentioned that “TIM’s role is to support our customers and help them how to quickly adapt and evolve in these changing times, in these changing markets. We [TIM] have been in the industry for the past three decades, and I’m sure we will continuously be evolving in the years to come.”

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