Cloud Generation: The Now Big Thing Enabling Data Resiliency, Business Continuity, and Data Security Moving Forward to the New Normal

Backup solutions are relevant to businesses as a protection against data loss, data corruption, and disaster recovery. Together with Arcserve and ACW, TIM conducted a virtual event tackling about data protection and security last August 19, 2020. With customers who joined from cross-industries, were welcomed to the event by TIM’s President, Sunver Bastes.

Poh Nguan “PN” Goh, Arcserve’s Regional Pre-Sales Consultant, was the event’s key speaker. He has introduced VMware as the world’s most experienced Data Protection vendor and the longest one to deliver in the market and has shared about its partnership with TIM over the years. PN addressed the challenges of Data Protection and Securities. VMware offers an all-in-one solution for data protection, detection, response, and security. It fulfills IT’s wishlist for data protection and security, single unified solution, time-saving efficiencies with no disruptions, meet SLAs, please management, avoid getting fired, protect reputation as reliable IT vanguard and price value. Poh Nguan introduced the new version of Arcserve UDP that offers full protection of data and systems in public/private cloud, physical, and virtual environments, reduces the risks of extended downtime, and many more that would surely solve key customer challenges. He has also shown the product overview of 9000 series of Arcserve appliances and Arcserve UDP Cloud Hybrid secured by Sophos, and he also introduced Arcserve Cloud Backup for Office 365 and Arcserve Continuous Availability.

The second speaker was Talia Ruiz, TIM’s very own Product Manager for Cloud Services. She discussed two of TIM’s core data center service offerings – Network Services and TIM Cloud Infrastructure.  TIM has been a VAS-licensed service provider for four years now and operates in 2 of the data centers in Carmona and Makati and points of presence in Hong Kong and Singapore. Global Network Services (GNS) managed by TIM’s certified network engineers on a 24/7 basis that allows monitoring of the company’s links and those of the clients. Next, Talia discussed TIM Cloud – a multi-zone cloud computing platform that offers subscription-based infrastructure, backup, storage, disaster recovery, and remote browser isolation. She has also discussed TIM Cloud’s replication and restoration of Arcserve UDP with the help of Mr. Ryan Cabrera by giving an overview of the high-level diagram. Lastly, Talia gave a quick peek at TIM Cloud’s platform features – the TIM cloud portal with two-factor authentication, a comprehensive dashboard, easy access to the virtual server, real-time stats and monitoring, and complete remote access.

Finally, the event was closed by TIM’s Vice President for Data Center Services, Mr. Egie Gutierrez, thanking the event partners, speakers, and attendees.

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