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Modernizing Application, Security, and network with VMWare

TIM has been a partner of VMware since 2013. From then on, the company has invested in resources in infrastructure and delivered cloud computing services running on the VMware platform inside the data centers. TIM has also invested in professionals devoted to the VMware practice. And today, it has closed to widely certified professionals on data center virtualization, network virtualization, BCCP, and recently we have secured certification on master service competency on data center virtualization. “We are doing this because we owe this to our partner, our customers. This is our commitment to them.”, said Mr. Egie Gutierrez, Vice President for Data Center Services of TIM, as he opened the event in partnership with VST-ECS and VMware held last September 23. 

Arun Kumar was the event speaker; he is a VMware Solutions Engineer and Ambassador from the Office of the CTO based in Singapore. Arun started his discussion by giving an overview of VMware’s partnership with TIM over the years. He then proceeded by discussing VMware NSX. There are several benefits to modernizing applications. First is the continuous delivery of application and innovation. Instead of stacking applications one by one in terms of features and capabilities, you can build a pipeline of applications where it moves smoothly from the development environment to the test environment and the production environment. It also helps speed up the process and simplify it a lot faster. Second, when it comes to microservices, a vast application will be able to break down into smaller components and run it in different containers. Besides, you only need to build containers once, and it will be able to run anywhere, and it highlights its flexibility since it can migrate from on-premise to the cloud. Arun discussed how VMware NSX Data Center delivers on the promise of network virtualization. As a platform, NSX is providing networking in the multi-cloud era where you can automate Network Infrastructure as code. One is when you are deploying the environment, you can deploy all network capabilities without the need of contact to your physical routers, switches, or appliances and configure it one by one. Also, you may have simplified operations in terms of network and security environment, it is scalable to the cloud, and it has intrinsic security. Finally, Arun shared how you can build a Zero Trust on a data center at the most granular level. Every workload can have individual firewalls and individual security policies, and policies are defined based on any context: VM attributes, Network attributes, and application attributes. NSX Distributed IDS/IPS helps a lot in enabling additional use cases for the environment; Regulatory Compliance, help in providing Virtual DMZs, discrete appliance consolidation, and improve Lateral Movement Detection.

The event was closed by Mr. Michael De Guzman, TIM’s Sales Director for Financial and Banking Services mentioned that “As long as we can help our customers to become successful, in the long run at the end, we will be successful as well. We [TIM] is not just a vendor but also a friend of our customers.”

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