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Remote Workforce: Implementing Digital Workspace and Cloud

The pandemic, an unprecedented moment in history, has made a vast impact on every business. It led to employees the need to work from home and for business to run remotely.

Dell Technologies Inc. sponsored an end-user event last November 4, 2020. It focused on implementing a digital workspace that would enable a remote workforce and keep employees, communities, and customers safe.

Mr. Bert Lim – Dell Technologies’ VMware Sales Specialist, has tackled enabling remote workers to support the IT needs and systems of their companies. Adapting to changes affects productivity and resources, and how to implement remote workforce effectively. Mr. Bert introduced Dell’s end-to-end security that would help end-users to have a digitally connected workplace. By having the right device with workspace ONE, managing all the devices with being able to virtualize apps and desktop infrastructure with VxRail, securing all endpoints with Carbon Black to prevent malware and attacks, ensuring consistent access with SD-WAN, and lastly, ensuring that IT can support the remote workforce through the cloud.

Ms. Talia Ruiz – TIM’s Cloud Product Manager, went on to discuss how the digital workspace can be powered by TIM’s very own Cloud offering. As for end-users who may have an existing subscription to the hyper-scalers, Ms. Talia explained about TIM’s drive into international connectivity. Aside from providing a direct and managed link to the hyper-scalers, TIM can also give an in-country offering to augment existing subscriptions that end-users already have.

The event was closed by Mr. Egie Gutierrez, Vice President for Data Center Services, by thanking the attendees and committing together with TIM’s strategic partners to an even more valuable plan for the customers.

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