Total Information Management Corporation joins hands with Nexusguard to build the first true-hybrid DDoS Scrubbing Center in the Philippines

Transforming into a Managed Security Service Provider enables TIM to offer carrier grade Managed DDoS Protection Services in the Philippines

[Manila, August 24, 2021] Total Information Management Corporation (TIM), a leading technology solutions provider in the Philippines, announced its strategic partnership with Nexusguard, a leading DDoS security solution provider, to build the first true-hybrid DDoS scrubbing center in the Philippines, providing carrier grade DDoS protection services to enterprises and government agencies.

“The rising security demands of the market has driven TIM to  become a MSSP. We are pleased to announce that TIM is building the first true-hybrid DDoS scrubbing center in the Philippines and launching our new Managed Security Service in 2021. The Managed Security Service will be backed by a strong team of cybersecurity professionals which was formed in 2019. The Managed Security Service will provide cost effective DDoS protection with the best cybersecurity experience to our customers.” Sunver Z. Bastes, the President of Total Information Management Corporation said.

“Deploying a solution to protect one’s infrastructure from DDoS attacks is one thing. Delivering it as an actual service to one’s customers is not only expensive but also extremely challenging. We are impressed by the effort that TIM has been putting into the MSSP transformation process and their eagerness to launch a quality hybrid Anti-DDoS service in 90 days  after joining Nexusguard’s Transformational Alliance Partner program.” Andy Ng, CEO of Nexusguard said.

The new true-hybrid DDoS scrubbing center offers both on-premise, always-on first, and cloud-first DDoS protection services at the same time. This is possible because TIM’s on-premise aspect operates in conjunction with the Nexusguard’s global 2.24 Tbps scrubbing network to deliver on-premise value at the customer’s network, while also enjoying Nexusguard’s cloud protection for traffic coming from the rest of the world. The managed security service is backed by a strong local SOC team with 20+ cybersecurity professionals, who operate on the frontline, monitoring, mitigating, and resolving DDoS attacks.

Key features of TIM’s managed security services:

  • Carrier grade DDoS protection on applications, web services, networks and DNS servers.
  • Accommodate and address the needs of customers with a variation of different requirements, and offer a combination of services all at the same time.
  • Ability to operate both on-premise, always-on first, and cloud first at the same time, while offering the flexibility of delivering either full on-premise or full cloud protection.
  • Seamless compliance with a mix of data sovereignty policies for on-premise, within the country and in the cloud.
  • A strong local SOC team providing 24x7x365 service.
  • Full visibility and control via the customer portal.

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About Total Information Management Corporation

Total Information Management is a leading technology solutions provider in the Philippines, offering Business IT and Data Center solutions to companies across various industries globally. They have expertise in a range of business sectors, including turn-key enterprise solutions, core banking solutions and managed services. Their Filipino heritage is at the center of their business, and they are based in Makati City, Philippines.

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About Nexusguard

Founded in 2008, Nexusguard is a leading cloud-based distributed denial of service (DDoS) security solution provider fighting malicious internet attacks. Nexusguard ensures uninterrupted internet service, visibility, optimization, and performance. Nexusguard focuses on developing and providing the best cybersecurity solution for every client across a wide range of industries with specific business and technical requirements. Nexusguard also enables communications service providers to deliver DDoS protection solutions as a service. Nexusguard delivers on its promise to provide you with peace of mind by countering threats and ensuring maximum uptime.

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