The State of Cyber Attacks During the Pandemic

Covid-19 has changed the landscape for businesses and consumers. As for the COVID restrictions, people are ordering their daily needs online or accomplish online contact tracing forms before entering establishments. It has caused a virtual tsunami of cyber problems as personal data are collected, used, and disclosed. And some businesses have suffered from a data breach, ransomware attacks, and even data theft.

TIM held a virtual event in partnership with Evvolabs and Imperva on November 25, 2020. The event was opened by Sir Migs De Guzman, TIM’s Sales Director for Banking and Financial Services.

Kelvin Cheung, Regional Security Consultant of Imperva, has discussed the different kinds of attacks and how to respond. He also presented the relevance of Imperva in Cyber Security and the capabilities of the cloud and its integration to Cloud WAF. Imperva’s edge platform provides vast website protection to your web application that prevents hackers and bad bots. Stopping bad traffic at the edge conserves valuable resources for legitimate traffic, enables zero maintenance infrastructure, inspect threats through multiple filters and mitigate threats before impact that saves your infrastructure and protect your applications and data.

We also have Sir Egie Gutierrez, TIM’s Vice President for Data Center Sales, as our event speaker. He talked about TIM’s capabilities in providing services by highlighting TIM’s core solutions as essential components of the Data Center business; GNS and TIM Cloud. Sir Egie discussed how Imperva can be integrated with those services and the process of setting up DDoS Protection. Also, the WAF services can protect TIM cloud customers by blocking bad traffic and only allowing good traffic to go through.

Finally, the program was closed by Ms. Mylene Espinola, Head for Managed Services and Technical Support Group of TIM. As she mentioned, TIM’s flexible approach can provide managed service for a specific technology or preferred brands. In collaboration with our innovative partners, we manage your end-to-end IT landscape and let our customers focus on their core business.

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