How to Transform Traditional Datacenter to Automated Private Clouds

Building the right private cloud serves as an on-ramp to a hybrid cloud future. Private clouds can serve a multitude of customers and use cases quickly at scale, including internal application teams who need the ability to provision new IT environments and services rapidly. In partnership with Nutanix, TIM held a virtual event last July 7. With a hundred of attendees, were welcomed by TIM’s president Mr. Sunver Bastes.

Mr. JJ Lopez, Nutanix’s Senior Engineer, discussed the Nutanix Private Cloud Story. There are several IT challenges in the Digital Economy. It includes complex, manually managed, and siloed infrastructure, struggle in keeping apps and data secured, lack of time, resources, and budget to innovate, and many more. That is why Nutanix Private Cloud was built to address all these concerns.  The Nutanix Private Cloud goes through a 5-step journey; Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Storage Consolidation, Automation, Business Continuity, and then Network and Cloud Security. Private cloud starts with modernizing infrastructure and is layered with automation and then other cloud solutions. Mr. Jj introduced the Hybrid Cloud. He mentioned that it is something that IT organizations need since it gives you the best of both worlds, Private and Public Cloud, wherein you can pick where to run the workloads based on cost-effectiveness, security, and performance. In a modern data center, a modern type of infrastructure is called Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). It has simple web-scale architecture, an intelligent foundation for Hybrid Cloud, and designed for resiliency. Storage consolidation has been done to further lower down the cost. The more we share, the cheaper it is per terabyte perspective. The Nutanix platform can cater to all the storage needs in a consolidated fashion. The next step to the journey is automation. Nutanix believes that IT does not have to be hard and need not for experts to run the infrastructure but for generalists to run it. To increase the productivity of IT operations, you need to make the infrastructure as easy as possible. As part of the automation of the Nutanix platform is a one-click upgrade of everything like updating your smartphones. Another concern is the Business Continuity. Nutanix platform has all the business continuity features that include snapshots & clones, asynchronous & synchronous replication, back up to tertiary storage the only cluster, and backup or DR to the public cloud. The last step in the Nutanix Private Cloud journey is Network and Cloud Security. A part of the feature set of the platform is the native micro-segmentation. Therefore, if you have multiple environments or business units running in your private cloud, you will be able to separate it as if you’re adding a firewall to separate each environment.

The second part of the event was a demo session by Mr. Martin “Awee” Sindiong, Nutanix’s Systems Engineer. He presented a demo on Prism Central on how to generate reports for management, plan for new workload, save or optimize cluster resources, automate the task of adding resources to DEV VMs, and isolate Prod and Dev environments.

Finally, the event was closed by Mr. Egie Gutierrez, TIM’s AVP for Data Center Services. He thanked Nutanix and all the event attendees. As Nutanix’s Master Partner, TIM is pleased to accommodate inquiries regarding the Nutanix Platform.

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